Medicare Supplement Plans


Supplement Plans Explained

All Medicare Supplements are the same no matter which company offers them.

The plans are set by Medicare and not the insurance companies. In other words, a plan G with one company covers EXACTLY the same thing as a plan G with another insurance company. The only difference is the price!

  • The Plan F pays all of the out of pocket cost of Original Medicare, but has the highest monthly premium
  • The Plan G will cover all out of pocket cost (except the $226 Part B deductible) and it is a better value than the plan F
  • The Plan N is your best value Supplement since it covers you just like a Plan F, except for your Part B deductible of $226, and $20 copays for doctor visits. Depending on your zip code, age, and gender, the N Plan is about $300-$500 a year less than the F plan

With Medicare Supplement plans, you can go to any doctor that accepts Medicare without dealing with network concerns. Starting in 2020, Plan F will not be offered to people turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare. Plan F will be available to those who are over the age of 65 and coming off an employer’s plan.

Supplements do not include the Part D prescription drug plan. In addition to the Medicare Supplement premium, you will have a monthly drug premium usually between $15-$50. For very costly prescriptions of $1,000 or more a month, you will pay about $95 per month to cover these types of medications.

Let us provide you with the best prices if you are interested in a Medicare Supplement. We will need a list of your medications in order to research a drug plan.

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